Life in the Antarctic

Photographs by the Scottish Anatrctic Expedition


ISBN 9781901037166

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Life in the Antarctic

LIFE IN THE ANTARCTIC Photographs by the Scottish Antarctic Expedition,. William Bruce’s Voyage of the ‘Scotia’ 1902 – 1904 Antarctic Expedition the illustrations in this little book are all reproductions of genuine photographs from life, taken by the Leader and Staff of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, during the voyage of the ‘Scotia’ 1902 – 1904. Practically all of them are unique, many of the mammals and birds never having been previously photographed. They were taken under conditions of climate which made photography extremely difficult and often impossible. They are not touched up in anyway by the engravers, and may be implicitly relied upon as correct representations of the actual environments of Antarctic mammals and birds. This Facsimile has been created from the original 1907 first edition, each photo professionally scanned